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Jun 30 17 11:41 AM

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  Due to Photo Bucket's new policy of charging to forward our own pictures on to any internet sight, could the 28 Gauge forum upgrade the update the sight for direct posting of pictures from our individaul computers.  Being able to post pictures is a big part of many menmbers participation.  I was hoping direct picture posting could be done here on the 28 Gauge forum.

In no way am I going to pay photo bucket to use my own pictures.  Photo Bucket is simply blocking our picture transfer, unless we pay them.

Sorry for the nasty looking Photo Bucket symbols were our pictures use to be.

I was able to change my Avatar directly from my own computer.

Pine Creek/Dave


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Jul 3 17 8:00 PM

Thanks for the tip - I will check that out

before we 'upgraded' to forumer, direct posting was possible, and many of us used it since it was so easy... with each upgrade/improvement, fewer & fewer members come along....

Dawson Creek, BC, CANADA

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Jul 4 17 10:03 AM

Tapatalk is a great option and more and more forums are making the switch.

I use Google Drive and auto backup of any pictures I take. Whether I am using my tablet, phone or Chromebook, the pictures are available to me.

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