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Jun 3 17 3:03 PM

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$9.99 at Bob Wards in bozeman- i have no 3" 28 g - have two nice SXS, one beretta OU and a beautiful ultralight weight franchi semiauto
so why did i buy a box of this ?
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Jun 4 17 8:20 AM

Could be you will have a 3 inch 28 gauge someday or you wanted a box to put in a 28 gauge shotshell collection.

 Have heard of late, that the new Stevens Model 555 28 gauge shotguns now have 3 inch chambers.These guns are inexpensive compared to the  cost of most 28 gauge O/U shotguns.Should make a nice 28 gauge for someone who wanted to try the 3 inch 28 gauge ammunition,but not spend a lot of money on a new gun..

Would buy some 3 inch ammunition 28 gauge ammunition  myself ,if there was any available in my area.

Nova Scotia,Canada

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Jun 22 17 7:42 AM

Between Win's 1 ounce and B&P's 15/16 to 1 1/16 ounce a 3" is not needed unless you have to use non-toxic. Frankly a 20 gauge will handle that better.

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