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Feb 10 15 11:45 AM

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Ok lads let me know if this link does not work im trying to sort out how to post pictures up
This should be a picture of my parkeny sxs 410
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Feb 10 15 1:12 PM

Wow - a side lever hammer SXS in .410. How old is it, and what is the country of manufacture? (I never heard of Parkeny. - Just wondering.)

Fairport NY

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Feb 10 15 1:38 PM

It a spanish gun I think
This one is chamberd for 3" magnums and is choked full/full and is very tight patterns
It has 24" barrels and is in perfect condition
It also has a release botton on the side that folds the gun in half so you can fit it inside your coat .better known as a poachers gun or you can just break it like any sxs
The gun is around 40 years old now . I managed to buy it from a guy that had brought it brand new and never fired it just left it in his gun box .ive had it around 7 years now
Only paid £150 for it thats about $300 to you

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#10 [url]

Jun 21 17 8:02 PM

night owl,
Great old gun, I love it. skeettx thanks for posting the nice picture.

Pine Creek/Dave

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