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Aug 25 14 7:45 PM

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A little honesty needed here. The question is ---- How many of you fellow bird dog owners had a good conversation in the past ten days with your canine pal about the upcoming fall hunting season??? You know what I mean ---- "We are going to nail 'em this fall aren't we Bud. Are you ready big guy? It's not long now."

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Aug 26 14 2:56 AM

I'm passed the point of caring very much about how many birds we take. I do like and want to take a few, but that is not where I get the enjoyment anymore. Just being out, being in the woods with dog and gun is plenty of pay off for me. As to talking to my dog. Especially now that I have just one gun dog, I talk to him all the time. Hunting, life, finances,fishing,and so on. I've either come to my senses or lost them all together and don't care which. Dogs are better people than most people. Who else are you going to talk to?

Central Maine

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Aug 26 14 9:29 PM

I agree about being in the woods with my dog and gun are much more important than the number of birds taken. As a matter of fact the main concern about taking a few birds is to make my dog feel successful. I am also one to visit with my dog on many subjects.


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Aug 30 14 6:58 AM

I just had a discussion last night with my 10 year old Brit about his hunting future. He has a bum rear leg because of a torn muscle injury.
It hasn't bothered him much , but I notice him limping a little bit longer after his limited preseason training now.
He will still be hunting, but only part time. The 6 year old Gordon Setter is going to be the main dog for this year's trip to Maine.
My brit didn't complain one bit and my setter gave his approval by slobbering all over my feet.
October can't come soon enough for us.

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Aug 30 14 8:02 AM

We have a group talk every summer in August, myself, my son, and Louie the GSP- and Jacob the Cavalier, who likes to come along but does not have the "legs" to keep up!
He does get out every now and then for a short hunt however.
The ta;k usually goes like this:
Soooo, you going to put some birds up for us this weekend to get tuned up for the season?"
You going to be a good boy and not point mice??"
"Good boy!"
Then we head down south on our annual weekend farm hunt and smash some pheasants and chukkers!

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Aug 31 14 6:38 AM

I took my English Setter "Bones" for a five hour run through the wooded hills yesterday. We had a discussion this morning why I was a little sore and he was not. He was putting it on me a bit. Oh, I think I forgot to mention the only one running was Bones and I was on horseback walking. I think my being sore is due to the fact I was ridding horse, and not running like Bones. He is not buying that idea.


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Sep 10 14 12:23 PM

Nothing discreet about it!

    Our conversations are very meaningful and some times even photographed by other hunters who want to understand more about gun dogs.
Like how to make amends for missing a perfectly set up Grouse double, ending up with only one bird, after the dogs have worked hard to please me.
Our converstations are usually very educational, I have learned a great deal from my Grouse dogs!
Pine Creek/Dave


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Feb 17 15 7:09 AM

I've been thinking about rekindling my conversation with my setter but it's been almost 3 months since we talked.  Things just haven't been the same since.
She gets all hissy when I miss even if I'm trying my hardest! I don't need her looking back at me in disgust and then going silent! It's bad enough that I missed an easy one!!
I reminded her of the time she lost a cripple. Would she have any of that?  Nah...acted like I was speaking another language!!
And then there's the time my buddy called point with his dog while Emma was still working out front.  When we got there, she was in front of my buddies dog?!?!?
I said to her, "Wanna talk about how that happened there?!?"  ..........same response, complete silence. 
Maybe I should break the ice - be the better man - but deep down, I'm still hurtin'.
Why should I be the first to talk anyway? I think I might wait her out and least until we're closer to opening day. ;)

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Feb 18 17 2:05 PM

No doubt about it, if our Gun dogs could pull a trigger they would leave us at home. Don't tell me they can't drive a truck, I have seen the GSP in the TV commercial flying over the Duck pond, doing it already.

Pine Creek/Dave

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Apr 29 17 9:45 AM

Couple of winters ago my beagle, wearing his coat, was waiting in the Jeep while I was in the grocery store.
With the Jeep's standard transmission I'll go thru the procedure of setting up the auto-start.
While in the store I engaged the auto-start to start the engine and run the heater.
Walking out to the Jeep, I couldn't find it. It was gone!!!
Scanning the parking lot I found the jeep with it's nose up against the rear tire of some truck.
The only thing I can think is that the beagle had caught his coat on the shift lever & had put the Jeep into gear.
Then when I engaged the auto-start the Jeep rolled forward on the starter...
A friend saw this all happening & still kids be about my beagle driving the Jeep.

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